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Hotel Safety – What You Need to Know!

Erin Andrew’s hotel peep hole incident and recent lawsuit shouldn’t keep people from traveling. With simple, smart travel know-how, you can be confident each time you walk in a hotel front door! I’ve spent over 4,000 nights in hotel rooms and on a fear scale, ...Read More

My Next Car Rental Will Be a Maserati!

If you’ve rented a car at a major airport in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed the growing number of signs pointing you to more sporty and more luxurious cars. I’ve marched my suitcase right past these cars the majority of the time, ...Read More

Looking for a Quiet Place at an Airport?

Need to jump on a conference call right after your flight lands? Or make a few phone calls before boarding your flight? Or maybe just need a quiet zone to de-stress from work, from travel, from everything? I often have every one of these ...Read More

Sweetest Hotel Maintenance Experience Ever!

No one likes when something in their hotel room isn’t up to par. I’ve made countless requests for maintenance over my years of business travel. Sometimes things are so bad that I move to another room. What I like even less is walking into my hotel room ...Read More