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Before You Ever Leave Home, Follow These Safety Tips

Earlier, I wrote about 7 Helpful Tips Before Attending Your Next Conference (or leisure or business trip) and there are many, many more tips, starting with safety precautions you should do before ever leaving home. Leave a copy of your itinerary with your emergency contact, ...Read More

Why TripIt Is a Marriage-Saver

As a business traveling road warrior, you may be a lot like me. When I’m traveling for business my focus is on: Packing Making sure I have all my business materials with me Getting to the airport Getting my rental car Finding my hotel ...Read More

Hotel Safety – What You Need to Know!

Erin Andrew’s hotel peep hole incident and recent lawsuit shouldn’t keep people from traveling. With simple, smart travel know-how, you can be confident each time you walk in a hotel front door! I’ve spent over 4,000 nights in hotel rooms and on a fear scale, ...Read More

My Next Car Rental Will Be a Maserati!

If you’ve rented a car at a major airport in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed the growing number of signs pointing you to more sporty and more luxurious cars. I’ve marched my suitcase right past these cars the majority of the time, ...Read More