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Your New Best Friend… The Concierge!

Not everyone stays at a full-service hotel each business trip, but when you do, it helps to know what a concierge can do to help make your stay as comfortable and efficient as possible.  Some of these services are available at hotels without concierge service, so just ask!

A concierge is great for:

Offering restaurants suggestions for every meal.  In the larger hotels, they’ll usually book your reservation as well;
Coordinating a car service for your trip to the airport;
Assisting with errands, like sending your clothes out for emergency alterations or picking up various food items;
Letting you know where the good shopping is;
Storing your luggage for a few hours or over the weekend;
Tracking an overnight package for you;
Keeping track of a co-worker’s flight so you’ll know when they arrive.

I can hear what you’re thinking…. You can do most of this yourself, so why use a Concierge?  Because we’re already super busy and it’s nice to have someone else take care of the little things so we can focus on what’s most important.  For a few dollars in tips, it’s worth it!

Speaking of tips, many of us avoid using the services of a concierge because we’re not sure of how much to tip them (or even if it’s necessary) and how to go about tipping them.

Here are some guidelines for tipping a concierge in the U.S.:
For general questions on site-seeing or a restaurant for dinner:
For dinner reservations, $5 to $20 (or up) depending on how many people and how difficult it was to get the reservation.   Same for helping with an itinerary.
For luggage assistance, usually $1 to $2 a bag.
For arranging a car service: A few dollars.
For taking care of an errand: A bit more than a few dollars (use your judgment).
General rule:  The more difficult the request, the larger the tip.

If in doubt of how to enjoy the services of a hotel concierge, just ask the hotel!  They’d be ecstatic if we used their services more, rather than trying to do everything for ourselves!

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