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Matchmaking! Matchmaking!

If you’re not already in a relationship with a partner before your career puts you on the road, it becomes even more challenging to find people whom you’d like to be in a relationship with once you’re on the road a good amount of time. For occasional travelers, this may not be as major an issue, but traveling of any amount of time can be a dilemma for someone who is trying to find and build a relationship.

One of the big challenges of trying to find someone to date is which city do you even try to find a relationship in? And then the bigger challenge is how to even find a possible partner when we’re living in hotels, airplanes, cars and anywhere but home! And to keep going with the challenges, how about being able to find a partner who is able to handle our travel, our independence, and our lack of being available to them each day? Phew! Sounds like we’re destined for a solo life! Not so!

Here are some ideas for meeting a possible future partner while you’re life keeps you on the road:

Decide on whether you’d like to find a partner who lives within 10 miles, 50 miles or 500+ miles. If you’ve got deep roots to the city you live in, you’ll most likely want to focus your relationships near your home city. If you’re more apt to pack up and move to wherever your eventual ‘honey’ lives, then the community of possibilities gets larger. Also, if coming home to someone after every trip is important, then a local partner is what you’re looking for. But of course, determining whereabouts your future mate lives may all be for naught if you just happen to meet Mr. Right while you’re traveling, and the click between the two of you is too strong to walk (or fly) away from.

Also think about whether you’re like this future partner to be in a professional career, where he either travels himself or understands the commitments of a traveling job, or whether any career is ok just as long as he’s working! I mention this because there can be challenges in a relationship when one partner travels due to feelings of lack of trust and overall lack of understanding in what a traveling career entails. Being with a professional, independent and strong career woman is going to be challenge enough for many guys, so just give this some thought.

So where are places where traveling women are searching for and finding Mr. Right?

First-class during a flight: If you’re ok with meeting someone who may live in any city in any country, then take a look around at your seatmates in first-class while you’re in flight (on the occasions when you get upgraded). Even though statistics say that almost half of all business travelers are women, I’ve never seen half the first-class seats taken by women. So enjoy the high ratio of men to women in first-class, most of who are professionals in crazy frequent-flier careers like us, and start up a conversation. and eHarmony are popular sites, and there are many other matchmaking sites as well. In addition to individual matchmaking, there are more local sites such as Table for Six where matchmaking amongst professional people is made in group situations, such as a dinner for three women and three men. Speed-dating is also popular, and Mobile dating via your cell phone if you’re interested in mobile flirting.

If you’re not interested in the could-be scary world of online matchmaking, get off the internet and finding a local networking group of people with similar interests. Since you’ve probably got characteristics of Mr. Right jotted down, is ‘having similar interests’ on the list? If so, Meetup might be a place to check out. You can search for interests in the city you live in, or travel to, or anywhere in-between.

In my city, there are groups for political interests, business networking, entrepreneurs, groups for almost every dog breed (including sled dogs – in Florida??), environmentalists, even a hearse club… I’m definitely not interested in anything to do with a hearse! Seriously, there are many groups of like-minded people getting together all over the place, so join in one or two seemingly innocuous groups. They also have Singles groups. Hopefully some of their meetings are on nights when you’re in town.

Making new Friends

Whether you’ll be in a city for a few days or a few months (or more), check out this site to see what’s going on in your transient home:
Upcoming — This is a community for discovering and sharing events. It can help you find stuff to do both home and away, and help you meet new friends and connections.

Meetup could also be a great way to make new girlfriends in the city you’re traveling to, if it’s a place you visit a lot.

We’d love to hear about your relationship successes (and challenges, too!) while on the road. Post your story in the Community folder for ‘Relationships on the Road.’

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