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Make Your Own Energy Bar

I always keep protein bars in my laptop tote.  This is in case there are no flight meals provided (which is most of the time now) or my flight is delayed beyond a meal time, or I’m just plain hungry. Most protein bars have a lot of calories and some unhealthy ingredients. That’s why I was so excited when I read about, and ordered, Element Bars.

Element Bars are custom-made protein and energy bars made online by you. They only use all-natural ingredients that are either unprocessed or have been minimally processed to best preserve each ingredient’s nutritional benefits. To align with their philosophy of making the best-tasting, all-natural nutrition bars, they avoid artificial sweeteners, processed starches, and certain other food technology advances. You can actually pronounce the names of ingredients in the labels of your nutrition bars.

It was also fun to create my bars. As I added each ingredient, the calorie and nutrition count was displayed. After I got carried away adding so many ingredients that the calorie count was higher than I wanted, I easily removed an ingredient or two. In addition to choosing core ingredients of chewy, oat, crispy or datey, other ingredient choices include: fruits, nuts, sweets and boosts (whey or soy protein, fiber and more).

Element Bars has pre-made bars as well. When purchasing a variety pack of pre-selected bars, there’s a 15% price savings. Custom bars are $30.00 US, plus shipping, for 12 bars.

I’m enjoying my Element Bars and feel better eating a bar with lots of organic ingredients made to my specifications.

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