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Peace of Mind with Parental Legal Forms

Wish I had these forms when my kids were younger . . .

Prior to embarking on a lengthy business trip, Linda Kagan drafted a legal form for the sitter taking care of her two children. During her trip, she had an idea, and that legal form became the impetus for,  a web site offering security for children and peace of mind for parents and guardians alike when traveling.

Kagan, a practicing attorney in Manhattan, launched in February 2008. Through her company’s web site, parents can customize legal consent forms to their unique family situation and specify travel parameters and authority, custodial authority, medical authorizations, and provide critical emergency and insurance information. Forms are separated individually by category or as packages such as, Traveling Parents; Babysitter or Relatives Caring for Baby, Toddler or Children; Traveling Children & Teenagers (Domestic & International Travel); and Americans Living Abroad. also creates custom forms for organizations dedicated to traveling teens, sports teams, camp and summer programs, schools, overseas language and study programs and more.

Lawyers, who are parents themselves, created the authorization forms and packages, which can be downloaded and printed from your computer in a matter of minutes. The patent-pending website utilizes McAfee(R) HACKER SAFE(R) software, ensuring a safe and protected environment for families purchasing documents. Parents can also upload onto each form a picture of their child and/or caregiver or traveling companion.

“The security parents and guardians can provide for their children with these forms is invaluable,” says Kagan. “It’s not just legal, it’s also practical. The legal authorization and customized information in the forms not only protects you and your children, but is respectful of those caring for your children, by providing them with medical, contact and insurance information for any unforeseeable emergency or circumstance.”

The website contributes a portion of its revenue to responsible organizations seeking to prevent global warming and address environmental concerns. Individual forms may be purchased for $16.95 and packages for $34.95. For more information, please visit

Parents — You’ll sleep better with this great peace of mind!

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