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Featured Smart Woman Traveler: Mary Beth Tedeschi

What takes you on the road?Carol
My love for personal development takes me to the West Coast (U.S.) quite frequently, as I am an avid student of major gurus in the personal development space. I’m just back from Lake Tahoe where I did a 100-mile bike ride for Leukemia/Lymphoma–it was an amazing experience and one I shall never forget. In addition, my work in the health and wellness industry sends me on the road, being a key member with Diamond Tree (Calif.) and Live the Source (Florida). I also travel for family functions, as I am a transplanted New Yorker living in the Midwest. I love traveling back east to visit the ocean.

Challenges of travel you’d like to reduce: The manner in which people handle travel challenges. A little book by Smart Women Travelers of tips and tricks on how to handle stressful situations would be great. It goes back to Jack Canfield’s E+R=O. I don’t like to be around nasty and negative people.

Your pearls of travel wisdom to share with other women travelers: Travel today can be stressful. Flights are more crowded and there never seems to be a direct flight anymore. I now come prepared! I travel with my nutritional products to keep in my routine. It takes some pre-planning, but I feel better taking care of myself on the road. When I fail to take them with me, I feel more stressed and my ability to cope with delays and bad airport food is diminished.

Planning ahead is the key for me, as well as my IPOD. I download many personal development programs and it helps me be inspired even with delays and crowded flights. I also find that there is usually a friendly face so I can connect with someone new. The time goes quickly and I am fortunate when I make new friends. I walk the concourse to get some exercise if I have a long delay. I brush my teeth and freshen up. It recharges my battery. Staying connected while on the road, I use my SendOutCard account to send cards and gifts in the mail. It is all done by the computer and the recipients love the actual physical card in the mail. It’s not an e-card, and it is a great time and money saver.

Any other info you’d like to share: My husband and I have 2 children (21 and 20), who are both in college and on their way to independence! I love working out, nutrition, cats, dogs, music, and gourmet cooking and baking!
I live in Columbus, Ohio

How can other travelers connect with you?
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