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17 Free Travel Apps For The iPhone

As a telephone, the iPhone is no better than any other. What sets it apart is the applications that can be used with it, more than 60,000 currently. Being on the road so often, I like trying out their travel apps and see which ones enhance my journey.

Listed here are seventeen of my favorites and the best part, each of them is free.  It costs nothing to see if they can be helpful to you.

Google Earth – Having satellite images from all over the world is great, but this app goes even further by linking you to restaurant reviews, hotels, and uploaded photos from landmarks nearby.

Night Stand
– A travel alarm clock without the need to travel with a separate device.

CardStar – Keep all of your membership numbers in ones place! Includes all frequent flier and hotel programs as well as retailers and grocery stores, or set up your own as I did for my local library.  Some of these include barcodes so you never have to carry the member cards again. Scan the barcodes right from your phone.

Airport Status – Find out which airports have delays and how that may affect your travel.

Travelocity – Good program to search for hotels or flights as well as airport delays and security wait times.

Expedia Itinerary Viewer – If you used Expedia to book your trip, have access to all of your flight, car rental, and hotel information in one spot. Includes phone numbers and addresses.

Citysearch –  Easy way to find local information while traveling, i.e., restaurants, banks, shopping, gas stations, entertainment, attractions, etc.

LocalPicks – Created by Trip Advisor, this is only for local restaurants but includes ratings for each one as well as links and maps to the restaurants.

Urbanspoon – A staple of the App store since it’s inception, finding restaurants is as easy as shaking your phone. Almost whatever you’re in the mood for, Urbanspoon can find it.

Translator – There are many apps available if you want to learn a foreign language in depth but for quickie words or phrases, this works. Type something in English and they will give you the word or phrase in your choice of dozens of languages.

World Nomads
– Available in numerous languages, offers translations for numbers and many common travel phrases.

ACT Currency – Helpful app if you travel to a country with another currency. While the rate they quote might not be exactly the rate you will get, it gives you an idea if someone is charging you too much.

Hear Planet
– Wonderful app that offers lots of information about wherever you are.  Can’t believe all the things I learned about where I live, much less everywhere I travel. The paid version adds audio. It is like having a personal tour guide.

Skype – The least expensive way for phone calls and it works internationally, too. The only limitation is that both must be logged into Skype at the same time.

The Weather Channel – Fantastic application that gives you local weather reports, extended forecasts, radar maps and video reports.

AAA Roadside – If I need roadside assistance, a simple touch of the ‘Request Roadside Assistance Now’ button and my location is quickly sent to AAA. While I hope I do not need to use this app very often, it offers a great sense of security when I’m traveling and unfamiliar with my locale.

AAA Discounts – AAA also has an application to view available discounts for the city I’m traveling in and specific to my location

These are but a few of the thousands of apps available in the iTunes store.  If you have an idea what you are looking for, try the search box in the upper right corner.  This is especially helpful if you are looking for a specific need or city.  For example, there are free apps for Washington, DC, San Francisco, London, and Barcelona. Keep checking back with iTunes because new apps are added daily.

Don’t forget to comment and let us know your favorite travel apps!

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