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Featured Smart Woman Travel: Lolalisa

Lolalisa runs You can follow her on twitter @architect4life, or check out her Linkedin profile.

Q: How often are you on the road, and what is the main reason behind your travel?

A: The reason I am on the road is that I LOVE to travel.  So, I’ve arranged my business clients, and personal my life, to cover the southeastern portion of the US — from Virginia, down through Florida, and over to Texas.  It’s great for me!  If you check out my Linkedin page, you’ll see folks from all over.

Q: Where do you travel, and what sites do you love?

A: I travel primarily throughout the southeastern US.  However, I do love the Pacific coast as well as the Caribbean waters. The thing I love about North Carolina, as my base, is that I can travel east to the ocean or west to the BlueRidge Mountains.

Q: What are some of the challenges of travel that you would like to reduce?

A:I would like to reduce the stress of travel.  The days of going straight to the airport gate are gone for good it seems-and appropriately so.  As one who travels alone more frequently than not, I am passionately concerned about safety.

Q: What are some Pearls of Travel Wisdom you would like to share with other women travelers?

A: I am a dog lover.  I’ve found if one chooses ground transport, particularly via motor car,  it’s better to take your dog with you.  Check into pet-friendly hotels.  Look for highly recommended doggie-daycares or pet sitters, if needed. Folks have a tendency to avoid harmful contact if they see your dog by your side.

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