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Featured Smart Woman Traveler: Lorelie Kaid

We asked Lorelie Kaid to tell us a little about her travels.

What is your main motivation for traveling and where do you frequent?

I am currently a business consultant and travel frequently.  Right now (and for the next year), I am traveling from Seattle, WA to Washington DC every week.

What is your favorite destination?

I am very fond of the West Coast, but now that I am getting acclimated to the East Coast, I have found the beauty of everywhere I go.

What are your biggest challenges on the road?

Managing my room reservations (not all sites are well made to handle this), Airport life (delays and winter time), and long flights (3 long life batteries, plenty of reading and movies on IPODs).

Do you have any Pearls of Travel Wisdom to share?

If you are going to be somewhere a while, get to know the area.  Hotel personnel can be your best allies.  Get to know them well and by first name.  Wear comfortable shoes.  I do not understand those who choose to wear five inch heels.  You can still be fashionable in a low heel.

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