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Using Your Senses to Turn Your Economy Room into a First Class Suite!

You have just opened the door to your home-away-from-home for the night. You flip on the light to uncover the mystery of what your hotel room is going to look like. After a quick tour of the bathroom (you just have to check out the soaps and shampoos!), the bedroom and perhaps the minibar, the excitement fades. You realize that this is just another hotel room — impersonal, undersized, cold and inhabited by many others before you. You yearn for that homey feeling, but with a sense of glamour.

By invoking your senses with these simple methods, your unexciting hotel room can turn into a blissful haven and you will no longer care what your room looks like.

Create a spa night and appeal to your senses of sight and sound. Prepare ahead by packing a few fake tea lights from home, as well as bath salts. Or bring the ingredients for a silky bath (all dry ingredients and TSA-friendly): 2 cups of dry milk powder and 1 cup of cornstarch. No worries if you do not have these plan-ahead items as the hotel shampoo will work as a stand-in for bubble bath. Have some soothing or relaxation music on your laptop or mp3 player.

Carve out at least two hours in an evening when you will not be interrupted by phone calls or work. Put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door so the maid does not come knocking. Prepare the tub by tossing in bath salts or silky bath ingredients. Get towels placed nearby, and the hotel room’s bathrobe, if available.

Turn on your tea light candles, turn off the lights, and put on some soothing music (though do keep the laptop out of the bathroom, as you do not want to be reminded of work!).

Ease into the tub, making sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold. Beginning with the top of your head and down to your toes, relax every muscle and just let go. Focus on the relaxing music and picture a bright white light flowing through your body.  Enjoy the peace and quiet, and know that everything back at home and at work is the best it can be at this time.

When you are ready to come out of your bliss, step out of the tub and pat yourself dry (use two bath towels since the hotel’s towels are most likely not as big and as fluffy as yours at home).

Massage the hotel’s body lotion all over your body enjoying the touch of your smooth skin, and slip into the robe or your pajamas.

After this wonderful bath, continue the relaxing feeling by making a cup of tea to invoke the sense of taste, and open up a good book. A life-inspiring book such as ‘The Secret’ or a romantic story such as ‘The Lucky One’ by Nicholas Sparks are possible choices. Or write in your journal with a beautiful pen. Write down how wonderful you feel after these couple of hours of ‘me-time’.  Write any thoughts or feelings that came up while you were soaking, or any solutions that arose to any issues you might be experiencing. In a relaxed frame of mind, you will find that your writings are very valuable and insightful when stress is out of the picture. Your inner sense of soul will feel renewed.

When it is time to get tucked into bed, a bit of lavender spray or a lavender sachet near your pillow will provide a wonderful relaxing scent that will help you fall asleep faster.

Not only will your body and soul feel renewed, but you will have an entirely different outlook on your surroundings. No longer will you feel that your hotel room is impersonal, undersized and cold. Instead, you will feel a warmth inside that will carry you through your hotel stay as you recall the special spa time. The room will feel cozy and all yours since during your stay you experienced this body and soul renewal.

So take some time for yourself while you are in your hotel room. Put aside the work, the phone calls and late night dinners for one evening. Slip into the tub for an evening of quiet bliss, away from it all, and you will be surprised how your economy room turns into a first class suite!

Carol Margolis is a well-traveled businesswoman and speaker who has collected countless pearls of travel wisdom over many years. She shares these pearls of wisdom by offering free tools, resources and strategies to women who travel at Learn to ease the challenges of frequent travel and discover the joy that travel can bring!

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