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A Spa In Your Hotel Room

It’s challenging to find time for ourselves, especially when we split our time between home and travel.   When you’re out of town, it’s all too easy to focus all of your time on work, dinners and hopefully a bit of work-out time.  With the spa ideas below, you’ll enjoy an evening of quiet bliss, away from it all!  You’re already away from home, so get over the guilt of not being available to your family.  Giving yourself the gift of quiet time will present you with new ideas and insights, and you, your family and your work will be better off for it.  Enjoy!

Plan Ahead Items from Home:
Bring a tea light or two, and one pack of matches.  (Caution: Never leave any candle lit when you’re not in the room.)
Have some soothing or relaxing music on your laptop for ‘spa time.’
Bring the ingredients for a silky bath (all dry ingredients):
2 cups dry milk powder
1 cup cornstarch

Spa Time:
Carve out at least two hours when you won’t be interrupted by phone calls or work.  Be sure to put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door so the maid doesn’t come knocking and ask the hotel’s front desk not to put any calls through to you.

Prepare the tub by tossing in the combined ingredients for the silky bath (see above).   Get towels placed nearby, and the hotel room’s bathrobe, if available. Light up your tea light candles, turn off the lights, and put on some soothing music (though do keep the laptop out of the bathroom, as you do not want to be reminded of work!)

Ease into the tub, making sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold. Beginning with the top of your head and down to your toes, relax every muscle and just let go. Focus on the relaxing music and picture a bright white light flowing through your body.  Enjoy the peace and quiet, and know that everything back at home and at work is the best it can be at this time.

When you’re ready to come out of your bliss, step out of the tub and pat yourself dry (use two bath towels if the hotel’s towels aren’t as big and as fluffy as yours at home).   Massage the hotel’s body lotion all over your body, and slip into the robe or your pajamas. Blow out the tea lights.

After-Spa Time:
Continue the relaxing feeling by making a cup of tea and reading a good book.  A life-inspiring book such as ‘The Secret’ or a good romantic story such as ‘The Lucky One ’ by Nicholas Sparks  are possible choices.  Or write in your journal with a beautiful pen.  Write down how wonderful you feel after these couple of hours of ‘me-time’.   Write any thoughts or feelings that came up while you were soaking, or any solutions that arose to any issues you’re experiencing.  In a relaxed frame of mind, you’ll find that your writings are very valuable and insightful when stress is out of the picture.

Another spa treatment idea:
A body exfoliating cream can be made by using the hotel room’s body lotion with a few packets of raw sugar.  Rub that over your body before showering.

Hope you enjoyed these TSA-friendly, inexpensive spa ideas for your hotel room!

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