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Featured Smart Woman Traveler: Kendra Kroll

Q: What’s the reason you’re on the road and how often do you travel?

A: I love love love travel and usually for fun when I go…but concentrating on my start-up business now limits amounts of it in last few years (bummer!)

Q: What are some of the places you visit and love?

A: Europe is fabulous, especially Italy, England, Spain. Particularly enjoyed Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Bath, England (maybe because in part I got engaged there!), Paris, Prague, Vienna, the list goes on… ! Closer to home, the US National Parks are amazing — Grand Teton, Acadia, Sequoia, Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon…Also enjoy San Francisco, New Orleans (but haven’t been since Katrina), New York, Atlanta, and of course, Chicago! =)

Q: What are some travel challenges you would like to reduce?

A: The incessant negativity associated with flying these days — add on fees for baggage, Body Scan machines coming to an airport near you, etc!!

Q: Do you have any Pearls of Travel Wisdom to share?

A: Know the local language and the names of your cities inKendra Kroll same (we were on the Italian train with people who missed their Florence stop by several hours as they didn’t realize the name = Firenze)!

Take some time to learn the basic phrases and use them w/the locals…they appreciate your efforts. Not everyone knows English even though it’s becoming more widespread.

Your ATM card may be useless in Central America. We found out the hard way. Get a PIN for your credit card in case of last minute need. And get a bit of local currency before if possible, too. Just to start off with something in case of *!

Bring only multi-purpose and layerable clothing for max impact of wardrobe options in the most compact space. Neutrals will always be in season & style. Scarves are nice to dress up an outfit and almost take up no room in your suitcase. Forget heels of any kind…you need to walk! ūüėČ

Don’t wear any fancy clothes or jewelry if you’d rather avoid being pegged as a target; and (of course!) use PortaPocket strap-on carrying cases under your clothes to help keep your important things comfortably safe & available ON yourself as you go about your activities.

Q: Where can others reach you?

A: Find me and my “stuff” at, fan me at the PortaPocket page on Facebook, or friend me at Kendra Kroll there, too. Follow me @PortaPocketGal on Twitter.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?

A: I have a 5yr old little sweetheart Angelina whom I hope develops the same love of travel as I have…could use the company! ūüėČ Husband James is now a certified personal trainer but has a PhD in electrical engineering, 5 yrs management and 11+ yrs experience in the telecom (VoIP) sector, so if anyone has a job possibility here in Chi-town area, that’d be most excellent! I’m also a fitness buff, reality-show lover (most anyway), and hope to get my new PortaPocket accessory line from a start-up now in 9 states to nationwide recognition in the next 3 years…so far been on TODAY, Fox4 News DFW, Tonight Show, WBBM Radio, Chicago Tribune & many other newspapers…but just barely started…still need to keep going!

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