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Resume of a Frequent Traveler

Ever wonder how the skills learned from travel could help qualify you for a new career? Here’s a idea of the myriad of skills that we travelers have.

Objective: Looking for a first-class leadership position where I can utilize my well-rounded skills learned as a frequent flier.

Experience: Have flown on countless flights, both coach and first class.  Have slept in an incalculable number of beds, mostly alone.  Have driven a myriad of cars, primarily on the right-hand side of the road.  1985-present.



  • Able to maneuver a suitcase, laptop bag and coat into a tiny airport bathroom stall in seconds!
  • Can figure out all the buttons and knobs in a rental car faster than a speeding bullet.
  • Able to sleep just about anywhere — on a plane, on a rental car bus, on a airport chapel pew.

Can-Do Attitude:

  • Expert at finding the last open space in a plane’s overhead bins for luggage. There is always room for one more bag!
  • Go-getter in finding the least expensive airfares and hotel rates.
  • Determined to accrue air miles or hotel points for every purchase made.
  • Tenacious in filling 3 oz. bottles with favorite shampoo and conditioner.

Team Player:

  • Gets out of the aisle quickly upon boarding to allow fellow passengers to get to their seats.
  • Follows the rules for arm-rest sharing in coach class.
  • Helps window-seat passengers pass the trash to flight attendants.
  • Never slams back seat back into knees of passenger in next row; shares the precious few inches equally.


  • Has enough food, reading material and music to survive several hours on the tarmac.
  • Always has ID, credit card and boarding pass ready for quick entry into airline lounges.
  • Ready to unload laptop, liquids, shoes and jacket into plastic bins to keep the security line moving.
  • Always has $1’s and $5’s for tipping maids, porters, bell desk.


  • Knows how to ask for a better seat or a better room.
  • Always friendly to gate agents, security, hotel and car rental personnel.
  • Skilled at asking parents to have their kids stop kicking the airline seat in front of them.


  • Expert at selecting a week’s worth of clothes, coordinating jewelry and shoes in 15 minutes or less and get it all in one carry-one bag.
  • Maintains an up-to-date accounting of air miles, hotel points, car rental awards, credit card points.

Works Well Independently:

  • Comfortable eating alone in a restaurant
  • Can drive through cities and towns for hours on end  with only a GPS for companionship.


  • Knows the signs of a slow moving security line and is sometimes smart enough to avert it.
  • Understands what the ‘ding-ding’ near the end of the flight indicates.
  • Can whip out the perfect credit card for the situation to get the best award points.
  • Knows to look for where the little arrow is pointing on a rental car’s fuel gauge before pulling up to a gas pump.

Tech Savvy:

  • Expert on the best iPhone and Blackberry apps for travel
  • Can Skype across the world
  • Expert at online banking, online check-in and online everything.

Hobbies:  Staying home.  Enjoying time with family and friends.  Reading a great book that doesn’t have a ‘boarding pass’ bookmark.


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