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Credit Cards on International Trips

Got an international trip coming up? Remember these key credit card to-do’s:

  • Select two of your credit cards (at least one with cash advance privileges) for your trip.
  • Call your credit card’s customer service department prior to traveling internationally.
  • Ask them:
    1. Can I use this card in my destination country?
    2. What is my spending limit?
    3. What insurance benefits are provided by my credit card (rental car accidents, lost or damaged items, etc.)?
    4. How do I contact you if I lose the card? (Note: not all toll-free numbers work internationally, so ask for a local number as well.)
  • Provide the dates of your travel and a telephone number where they can reach you at.
  • For any necessary cash advance on your credit card, be sure you know your PIN number for your card.  If you do not have this PIN number, contact your bank and request a new PIN at least two weeks prior to your travel.

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