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Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

Ever have to cram clothes from one bag into another to avoid overweight baggage fees? Don’t you hate doing this on the airport floor with people walking all around you? Now know the weight of your luggage before you get to the airport check-in counter!

Check out the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale. It weighs 10 oz. and can weigh up to 100 pound bags. Other frequent fliers have found this digital luggage scale to be very accurate. Allow for a 2 lb margin of error as the airline scale may differ.

You can also weigh your luggage on your home scale before you depart on your trip. Trouble is, your bag may be under the weight limit upon departure but they you buy lots of stuff during your travels.  A 40 lb bag can quickly become an over-50 lb bag! In this case, the digital luggage scale is your answer!

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