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Stay Productive on the Road

3 Ways to Be Productive on the Road

Google Sync: Easily synchronize your Gmail contacts and Google Calendar events between your cell phone and the cloud. Works with Blackberry, iPhone and more. Any contact or calendar changes you make on your phone automatically push to your Google account, and vice versa.

Dropbox: A great tool for syncing your files online and across your computers automatically. 2GB of online storage for free. Offers file sharing, online backup, folders only available to those you invite and mobile device access. It even supports file versioning so you can recover an old version of a file if it gets lost or corrupted.

Open Table: This is a great website for making restaurant reservations the easy way, no matter where you are:  Find a restaurant » Choose a table » Book online. Includes U.S. and international restaurants.  Get tons of detail about each restaurant including a copy of their menu and customer reviews. Also available as an iPhone app.

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