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Keeping Your Room Number a Secret

“What’s your room number?” asked the restaurant host in a loud voice and when I was still 10 feet or more away from her. This was in a hotel where breakfast in included in the rate and the host compared each name and room number against a printed checklist.

Instead of yelling out my room number so the entire restaurant could hear, I waited until I walked up to the host. In a quiet voice, I said that I preferred my room number not be broadcast for safety reasons.  She apologized and said that she had never considered this.

While it has become more common practice by front desk clerks to no longer announce our room numbers upon check-in, the other departments within a hotel may not be aware of this sensitivity.

If you ever feel that your safety has been compromised by a public announcement of your room number, ask for a new room. And if it’s the hotel staff who made the public announcement, ask the manager to have someone help you move your items into your new room (and let the manager be aware of this safety breach).


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