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Stay Hydrated in Flight

Does your skin and hair feel tight or dry when you get off of a plane? The humidity on a plane is next to nothing and it can take just a 3 hour flight to sap all the moisture from your skin and hair.

Fight-back strategies to stay hydrated during and after your flight:

  • Drink lots of water before and during your flight. Although you can request water from flight attendants, it is a good idea to bring plenty of water on board with you. You may either purchase bottled water once you pass security or bring an empty bottle with you to fill from a water fountain.
  • Limit your intake of coffee and alcohol – they dehydrate you more.
  • Carry your moisturizer in your hand luggage to slather on mid flight and before you deplane, splash your face with water and follow by your moisturizer.
  • Bring lip balm in a 3 oz or smaller container and use it to protect your lips from becoming painfully dry. Bring a small container of hand lotion or cocoa butter if your skin dries easily.
  • Nasal passageways are easily dried out by airplane air, so take along an over-the-counter nose spray to diminish congestion.
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