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Featured Smart Women Traveler: Claudette Elizondo

Why are you on the road and how often do you travel?

I currently own and operate my own travel business in Merida, Yucatan Mexico. I have traveled all over the peninsula in search of great hotels, restaurants and activities for my specialized tours. I’m currently doing this on a bi monthly basis.

Where else do you like to visit and do you use any travel websites to help you?

In addition to knowing everything there is to know about this region of Mexico, I am planning on revisiting other parts like the central Mexican states of Queretaro and Estado de Mexico. I enjoy reading reviews on Trip Advisor before visiting a place but I make sure to keep an open mind and not let myself completely get influenced by the reviews.

What are some of your travel challenges you would like to reduce?

You can say I am quite finicky about my restaurants. After all, my company’s reputation is on the line. I need to take my guests to the best of the best. I am constantly is search of great Mexican restaurants that have a) good service, b) great ambiance and c) knock out food. You would be surprised to hear this but this has turned out to be a challenge.

What are some Pearls of Travel Wisdom you would like to share with other women travelers?

Make time for yourself! Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, its easy to fall into the trap of cramming a thousand activities into your day. You will find that an hour long mid afternoon siesta or enjoying a book by the hotel pool will go a long way. Avoid returning home feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation.

– Claudette Elizondo

Merida, Yucatan Mexico

I am a happily married mid thirties gal. I am a former Dallas jewelry designer that recently made the brave move from Texas to Mexico to launch an exciting group travel company for women, specializing in learning vacations. I moved here with my husband Lars and my two kids Paulo (5 yrs old) and Sophia (3 yrs old). I love art, travel, dancing, witty people, beaches, sweet pastries and our pet chicken, Lulu.

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