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Handprint Pillow Case

It can be difficult for children to deal with a mom or dad that travel frequently. Here is a fun, helpful tip from an article on

Create a special handprint pillow case. Before you leave on your next business trip take a blank pillow case and put your handprint on it in craft paint. Have your child help you with this. They can paint your hand for you in their favorite color and watch you press the image onto the pillow case.

Then you can write them an ‘I Love You’ message on it as well.

After it dries you can put it on their pillow and tell them they can use it when you are gone. This works really well if you read them the children’s book “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn. The book talks about how you can give kisses and they don’t wash away… so kiss the handprint for them before you leave and they will get your kisses all night while they sleep.

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