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Leaving Your Bags Behind

If you travel to the same city for work several weeks in a row, leave a bag at the hotel while you’re away. Hotels will give you a tag for your bag and place it in a secure closet or room. This will greatly lighten up the load of what you transport back and forth each week.

You can leave full-size liquids behind and have them ready for you upon your return. Also good for keeping your workout shoes, hair dryer and any other bulky items that you’d rather not travel home with each week. I leave my items in a small carry-on size bag. Have a name tag on the bag and a business card inside so that it’s easy to identify your bag.

What happens if you’re travels unexpectedly take you somewhere else? If you will not be back at your original hotel for a week or more, just let them know when to expect you. Other options include to have the hotel ship the bag to you, either to your home or next destination, or take it yourself.

I also leave dry cleaning with the hotel on the last day of my stay. I let them know that I’ll be back in a few days and I pick it up when I get back.

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