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Tips from Flytime Yoga

As a travel gypsy, diver, Yoga teacher & author, I keep stretching through my days. When traveling it’s easy to just sink into your seat and wait it out. Once you start moving you wonder why your head feels heavy and your joints ache. There are many little stretches in Flytime Yoga but my favorite is a simple

Spinal Twist, sometimes it’s better than a cuppa coffee (good at your desk too).

Spinal Twist: Not recommended if you’re pregnant or have had recent abdominal surgery

  • Sit up a little taller and let your breath drop deep and full.
  • Keep your hips facing forward
  • Contract your abs slightly
  • Place your right hand on the seat rest
  • Bring your left hand across to your right knee
  • Begin twisting your upper body to the right, lead with your ribs
  • Bring your shoulders around and twist your head to the right
  • Hold and breath – smile at whoever’s in the seat behind you!
  • Release slowly, do a few shoulder rolls and twist to the other side

These can be done in the car too – at stoplights or when you arrive. There are more suggestions to relieve travel anxiety, road rage, avoid DVT, etc. in the Drivetime Yoga book and award-winning CD’s as well as the Flytime Yoga booklet and Passport Wallet. All available at:

Happy trails & contrails!

Elaine Masters, RYT

Speaker, award-winning author & founder of Drivetime and Flytime Yoga
Back pain relief, calm & energy for travelers and the desk bound.


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