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Airport Gyms

Have a long lay-over? Cancelled or delayed flight? Or just want to get a work-out in to stretch your flight-stiffened muscles? Check out This site will give you a list of gyms and workout facilities in the airport or surrounding areas of popular airports in the United States and Canada.

For example, Chicago O’Hare has a fitness center inside the Hilton Hotel which is right in the airport terminal. How convenient is that? They also have a Bally’s within a 5-minute train ride.

This site is also great to find fitness centers accessible by travelers for when your hotel either doesn’t have a fitness center or has a fitness center that is so minimal (one old treadmill in a tiny room off of the hotel lobby just doesn’t cut it) when you’re looking for an all-over power workout.

So say good-bye to your excuses that there just isn’t a good gym around and check out

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