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Don’t Dry Out on a Flight

Here are a few tips to avoid feeling dried out on an international flight.

Bring along a saline nasal spray or drops to help relieve the discomfort of a stuffy nose. A cotton swap can also be used to gently apply nasal gels or petroleum jelly to the inside of the nose to protect against moisture loss.

Saline drops for eyes help combat dryness and feel good to relieve the dryness experienced after waking up from an on-board nap. Contact lens wearers are smart to bring along their glasses and take out lenses before falling asleep.

Lip balm is my most frequently used item in flight. Look for lip balms that contain essential oils. Drink lots of water while in-flight to reduce the need for frequent application of lip balm.

Moisturize your face, hands and body before leaving home. Bring along a small tube of moisturizer to apply while in the air. Again, drink plenty of water. I fly without eye makeup on any overnight flight. I use an eye mask to block out the lights so I can sleep, and I do not worry about waking up with raccoon eyes from my mascara.

Bring along a spritzer (3 oz. size or less) filled with rose water, hydrating toner or plain water and spritz this on your face intermittently. Not only will this help moisturize your face, but it feels great and is good when you want to wake up.

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