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Let Your Credit Cards Know You’re Traveling

When traveling internationally, call your credit card companies ahead of time and let them know when and where you’ll be traveling. Hotels and car rentals will post a reserve amount on your credit card right away, which will reduce your open credit, so ensure you have available credit for these big expenses as well as food and other purchases.  Bring two credit cards, if possible, in case one card is not accepted or reaches its credit limit.  American Express and Discover are not as widely accepted as Mastercard and Visa, so I bring my Amex and a Visa.  Also know your pin code for a debit or credit card so you can use an ATM to get cash out of your account.

Before you depart on your trip, ensure that you have an international phone number for your credit card company, as the 800# will usually not work.  Most cards have a phone number indicated on the back of the credit card to call when traveling international.  If your credit card does not show this, call and get an international number.And know that credit cards are not accepted everywhere, so carry some cash as well.

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