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Traveling to a new city and not sure what to do and where to go? is the next best thing to having a friend show your around a new city. It’s like having thousands of helpful strangers around the world giving you the scoop on best places to eat, shop, stay, spa and more.

Yelp’s user reviews can be an invaluable resource when deciding how to get the most enjoyment out of your visit with the least amount of self-discovery. Why waste valuable time on your trip trying to find a great restaurant when Yelp is at your fingertips?

Users offer recommendations, ratings, photos, a comment about their experience at the venue you’re looking up, and more. Yelp also gives you maps and directions.

Not only is Yelp available online, chances are there is a Yelp application for your phone. Go to to see which phones are covered. Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Palm Pre and Yelp Mobile are avaiable as of today. Never is an uninformed traveler again (at least for the cities that Yelp covers)!

I just learned that there’s a Waldorf Astoria in Orlando! I knew of the Waldorf in New York City but never imagined my home base had a Waldorf also – I need to stay home more and find out what’s in my own backyard – and Yelp is just the help I need.

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