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Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are great wherever your journeys take you! Useful when backpacking, enjoying a day at the beach, traveling via overnight train, drying long hair and more, microfiber travel towels are wonderful! No more carrying around heavy wet towels. These are lightweight, highly absorbent and dry quickly. Best yet, a microfiber towel feels really soft and compactly fits into your bag.

I love the hair towel as it’s really absorbent with my heavy wet hair, and it comes in handy when hotel towels are at a minimum or the absorbency is long-gone.

An extra-large towel weighs as little as a few ounces. Extra-large is best for showering and the beach, while a large size is great for hair. Aquis is a popular brand. Get some of every size!

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