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Can You Really Find Healthy Airport Fast Food?

Last week I talked about a great wine bar in Houston’s Intercontinental Airport Terminal C that has wonderful healthy salads. This week I’m in Continental’s Terminal E and have a found a mostly-healthy fast food venue. Bon Bistro Healthy Food is located on near Gates 1-9 in the midst of a small food court area. The line is always long at the neighboring Italian restaurant, so it’s not always easy to see beyond that to Bon Bistro. But if you do look past the pizza lovers’ food stand and the ice cream line, Bon Bistro will reward you with many healthy food choices.

Bon Bistro selections of salads and pasta salads include Greek salad, cucumber dill salad, broccoli ham salad, a fresh green salad with healthy romaine lettuce, a couple of pasta choices as well as quiche. In addition to their cold menu items, there are several hot menu choices including chicken and brightly-colored steamed vegetables as well as sandwiches. Keep walking past the healthy hot and cold dishes and you’ll get to the unhealthier dessert selection, but hey, you’ve been good so far right? I’d like to see some protein choices available for the salads (perhaps add grilled chicken or shrimp?) to make a more substantial meal when ordering a salad.

My favorite menu item that I used to be able to order was a 2- or 3-selection of salads. I loved this because I could have a variety of salads. I’d get the green salad with oil and vinegar dressing, the cucumber dill salad, and the broccoli ham salad. But sadly things have changed since the last time I was in Terminal E because now the salad choice is a pick-one salad in small, medium or large. My favorite is the cucumber dill salad, but I can only eat so many cucumbers! I’d never order a medium or large. Bon Bistro has so many nice salads, why not have a smaller portion of two or three?

This week’s edition of our Pearls of Travel Wisdom ezine talks about not saying “Oh Well”, but getting to the right person and letting them know that there’s an issue with anything involving our travel. So when the order clerk told me that the 2- and 3-selection of salads was no longer an option, I asked for the manager. Unfortunately, no manager was available. Two employees both told me that they’ve been getting these requests from others and have told the manager to add back in these menu options but so far no luck.

Lucky for me, these employees did the right thing to help satisfy a customer and they said that they’d offer me the 3-salad selection for the price of a large salad. They saved a customer by doing this, as I was ready to head over to Pappacito’s for a chicken salad since I couldn’t get the variety I had been used to. When the next customer walked up and heard my selection of salads, he wanted a similar dinner. He had never eaten at Bon Bistro before and is a frequent traveler through IAH. Two customers saved by employees not saying ‘no’ and instead saying ‘let me make this right.’ Kudos to these employees.

So I enjoyed my 3 mini-salads (disguised as a large salad for $6.99) before my flight. On previous visits through Terminal E, I’ve also purchased my salads and brought them onboard my flights and have gotten oohs and ahhs over my healthy fresh-looking dinners.

I’ll be curious to see if the multi-salad selection is again back on Bon Bistro’s menu on my next visit through IAH’s Terminal E. Let me know if you get there first. Either way, their menu choices are definitely worth looking at as a good healthy fast food source when you’re sprinting through Intercontinental.

I’ll keep searching for and reporting on healthier fast food choices inside airports. They’re becoming a bit easier to find. If you’ve got a fave, let us know!

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