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It’s Mid-Summer – What Memorable Summertime Events Have You Created?

The middle of July already? Unbelievable! The back to school ads will be showing up soon, if they’re not already, and fall clothes will start showing up in stores. When there is frequent business travel occurring, the weeks and months seem to go even faster. Please, please slow these summer days down!

Before the next six weeks just up and disappear, create a memorable summertime event for you, your family and your friends. Whether it involves travel or not, there are ways to get some fun in this summer where you can infuse a global theme to your events.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Traveling doesn’t need to involve expensive airfare, a fancy hotel and amusement parks that run you ragged. There is a lot to do right in your own backyard. Go to a local hotel and pick up the brochures and guidebooks that capture the attention of tourists. Pour over them with your kids and spouse and create a staycation event. You’ll have enough things to do for one day each weekend for weeks, or a full week that you spend together. For fun, get t-shirts made up of your Family Staycation event to make it really special (your local Walgreens store can easily make up photo t-shirts for you).

Don’t know your neighbors because you’re almost never home?

Start a block party event … select a house (or several) and have the menu based on the country of origin of the host or hosts. Not only do you get to meet or catch-up with neighbors, you’ll get to try authentic foods and beverages of other countries and feel better grounded to your home base. And knowing that good neighbors will be watching over your home the next time you go away isn’t so bad either.

Explore Gastronomical Adventures

There are so many different cuisines to try … go through the alphabet and start trying one each week – Afghani, Australian, Austrian, etc. Most cities have some restaurants for each cuisine, or if they don’t, find your own recipes online. Even if you’re not the most adventuresome eater, there is almost always something you can eat of every cuisine and you’ll be proud of your expanded eating horizons.

Hit the Beach!

Most of us have some body of water nearby, whether it’s a lake, ocean or just a hotel pool.  A weekend getaway, even one that’s only ten miles from home, can feel like a total break from the daily grind. My husband and I are heading to Daytona Beach in a couple of weeks just for a quickie getaway. We love walking on the beach in the evening and sitting on a balcony overlooking the water. I feel peaceful already just thinking about it.  It’s a mere 45 miles away, but it’ll seem like a million.

For a great idea from my mentor and friend Jack Canfield (co-author of the infamous Chicken Soup for the Soul series) for creating a special memory each year, read Make a Memory a Year.

So take full advantage of the remaining summer days and create some very special memories that you’ll always look back on fondly.

I’d love to hear what you’ve got cookin’ for your great summer events in our Travel Journal. Share with us now and enjoy the rest of summer!

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