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Shrimp Shrimp Salad Salad

I didn’t intend to have two salads with shrimp today; it just worked out that way. I’m easy when it comes to repeats… I just don’t care. I ate healthy and that’s what matters.

Lunch was a Caesar Salad with Shrimp from Outback Steakhouse. I love their Curb Side Takeaway service. I can order online, or just call them about 10 minutes before I’ll arrive into their parking lot. They’re the only restaurant whose phone number I have saved in my mobile phone.

I asked what kind of salads they had and I got the rundown. There were several with chicken, one with shrimp and (surprisingly) none with steak. They are a steakhouse, aren’t they? Regardless, I ordered the Caesar Salad with Shrimp, dressing on the side, no bread or butter.

The most difficult part of using Outback’s Curb Side Takeaway is that I need to give them the make of the car I’m driving. Since it’s different each trip, it usually takes me a few seconds to glance out the windshield and double-check the color of the car. The rental car agreement helps me know what kind of car I’m driving, and thankfully they’re good with vague car details. Today’s description was a ‘grey boat’ as I was driving a monstrous Mercury Grand Marquis.

I drove up and someone came out to my ‘boat’ immediately. I asked her why they didn’t have a steak salad and she replied that one can be specially ordered if a customer desires. Something seems wrong that a steak salad has to be a special order.

She brought out my salad, I paid for it with my credit card ($10.77 plus tip), and within a few short minutes I was back on the road. I took the salad to my office to eat and the salad was great.

When I order dinner from Outback, my usual is their grilled salmon with a double order of steamed vegetables. They’re great for healthy eaters … just leave the soft, wonderfully smelling loaf of brown bread behind!

Dinner was at Houston’s Intercontinental Airport. When in the “C” terminal, I love Le Grand Comptoir Wine and Food Bar. I try to get one of the few tables that are near an electrical outlet so I can get my laptop and phone charged while I’m eating.

Their salads are wonderful and full of great ingredients. My favorite is the Provencal Salad – greens, lots of Greek and green olives, a hard-boiled egg, steamed cold green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes with my additional request to either add a grilled chicken breast or grilled shrimp. Oil and vinegar dressing on the side to avoid any heavy dressing.

This is my one time during the week when I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. A 5 oz. glass of Rodney Strong cab and I’m in heaven with my dinner! $28.00 for both — $15 for the salad, $13 for the wine.

Le Grand Comptoir Wine and Food Bar’s food delivery is quick. It may take a few minutes to find a clean table as this is one busy place. They also have lots of stools are their bar if you’d like to enjoy dinner in front of tv’s and talking to their very friendly and capable bartender.

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