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Holding Your Mail

Don’t scream “no one is home” by leaving your mail go uncollected while you’re away. You can either ask someone to collect your mail for you or ask the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to hold your mail. The post office will hold your mail anywhere from 3 to 30 days. It’s easy to set up the USPS mail hold. Fill out the simple form located at Put Your Mail on Hold Online and your mail will be held during the requested days. Or you can do the old-fashioned paper form and complete the Authorization to Hold Mail form and drop this off with a clerk at the post office.

With the online USPS form, you will receive a confirmation number so you’ll know your request when through. If you had forgotten all about holding your mail and your trip is about to begin, as long as you do the online form before 2am central time, the mail will begin being held that day. If you request a mail hold in person, it needs to be submitted a minimum of 1 day in advance.

Upon your return home, you can collect your pile of mail at the post office (have a photo I.D. to show the clerk), or request that the letter carrier deliver everything into your mailbox (though if your mailbox is small, anything that doesn’t fit goes back to the post office for you to collect).

If your mail already goes to a post office box, I’ve been told by a post office clerk that there is no need to hold the mail. Once the box becomes full, the postal service will keep any overage aside until you come in to collect it.

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