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Cascadia Kids

Common questions when searching for a hotel for a family include: Is there a pool? Do kids stay and/or eat free? Want a really great list of qualifying hotel criteria? Then check out this fabulous article on Cascadia which has a very comprehensive list of questions you’ll want to ask when searching for your family’s next trip.

One question that I think is really important to a family who’s going to be bunking in one room for several days is to ask for a larger size room, such as author Lora Shinn’s question on “Can we get a larger hotel room, such as a corner room?”

Another way that I’ve found to ask questions and not get a direct “No” is to ask for their recommendation. For example, try asking a desk clerk “If you were my family and staying in a hotel for a week with two little kids who like to play, which room would you want?” This usually gets them looking at the room layout vs. giving you a flat-out No.

Another mom-important question in’s list: “Is there a bathtub?” This may seem like a silly question but many hotel rooms only have a shower stall. When the normal evening bath ritual doesn’t happen, your kids may not fall asleep as easily or you may not have a few precious minutes of free time while the bath.

Many of these questions may be on your own list of hotel criteria, whether you travel with kids or not! It’s good food for thought on identifying your all-important amenities for your next hotel stays to ensure that you’re having the best possible experience.

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