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Better than emailing yourself a copy of your ID, passport and other important documents, have a high-res copy on AccessMyID’s encrypted website. Email is not normally encrypted, but AccessMyID uses 2048 bit SSL security to ensure that only you can get to your documents. In you ever misplace your passport or lose your credit cards, having a copy online that you can access any time of day from anywhere in the world in invaluable.

The photos won’t get you through airport security but can be used as id at hotels, casinos (personal experience here!), and other locations where an ID is needed.

Pricing starts at $19.95 per year and you can save a few dollars if you purchase the three year plan at $49.95.

p.s. If your ID is ever stolen, file a police report. A copy of the police report was enough for a friend of mine to get on her plane to get home as her id was stolen while she was out of town. A copy of your id can certainly help in this unfortunately situation.

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