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Airport Remote Monitor

If you travel frequently and you have an iPhone, this app is a must-have. It’s the Airport Remote Monitor and it’s like having your own personal airport flight monitor. No more connecting to airline websites, having to type in your originating or destination cities in another app or, God forbid, actually walking to an airport monitor to get the latest info on your flight.

I use this app before I head to the airport to see if there are early delay notices. I use it again as I approach the airport to see what terminal and gate my flight is at, and I also use it while eating in an airport restaurant yet still want to monitor my flight.

How accurate is it? I had a few doubts about the timeliness of the information, but a recent delayed flight proved it’s accurate and quickly updated. My flight had continually changing departure times and the Airport Remote Monitor kept these times updated very quickly and accurately. The data comes from FlightStats, which is a website (and iPhone app) that has been in my Top 10 list of travel tools.

There is an email feature where you can send your flight info to a colleague or family member.

For me, it has definitely been worth the $3.99 purchase price on iTunes. The reviews are looking very positive on this handy travel tool. Just one enhancement I’d like to see: a quick way to find just my flight without scrolling through by city or by airline.

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