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Compression Bags

Who doesn’t want extra space in their luggage? Compression bags create this extra space and keep your clothes organized! I’ve been using a compression bag when I have seven or more days’ of clothes to pack in my carry-on bag. I’m amazed at how much little the collection of clothing items become once the air is rolled out of the bag. My bags have a very tight seal, similar to a Ziploc bag but stronger. After I’ve placed my clothes in the bag, I seal the bag, roll out the air through special vents in the bag and voila! My tall stack of clothes is shrunk down to a much smaller size.

I showed several days of clothing inside a compression bag when recently on These bags are great for keeping outfits together, or all tops or all undergarments … however you want to be organized.

Some of the clothing I put into the compression bag need a bit of ironing, not much different than had I not used a compression bag. I just hang everything up once I get to my hotel room and by morning most, if not all, of the wrinkles are gone.

Eagle Creek, a bag and travel kit maker, says its Pack-It Compressor Set can offer up to 80% more space.

Other vendors also offer compression sacs, so check related products on to find what’ll work best for you.

I’ve been using a set of Small-Medium-Large and mostly using the medium size for my weekly travels.

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