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Pet Friendly Travel

Bringing Fido on your next trip and need a pet-friendly hotel?

If you’ve ever considered taking your pet along on your travels, you know that finding a pet-friendly hotel, understanding airline policies and international quarantine rules can be daunting and usually more difficult than the ‘people’ arrangements. is a site that offers tons of help for pet owners.

It’s a searchable database of 25,000 pet-friendly hotels, B&B’s, ski resorts, and vacation rentals in the US and beyond. The site also lists international vaccination requirements and quarantine policies. It even gives you driving instructions as to where you can stop over at pet friendly lodgings on the way.

They offer a wealth of pet travel information including pet-friendly locales and events, including beaches, parks, stores and other attractions, as well as valuable how-to travel advice and health tips. They also have a bulletin board to ask questions and/or provide help to other pet travelers.

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