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Feel Refreshed

Want clean feeling hands and face and just-brushed teeth as you disembark off a long flight? Try these simple tips:

Bring along an Oral B Brush-up for each long flight. It’s the next best thing to using a toothbrush with toothpaste. Ask the flight attendant for a cup of water and rinse your mouth as well. You’ll feel much more awake and fresher feeling with a cleaner mouth.

If you’ve flown first class, you’ve probably been given a hot wash cloth to clean your hands before the meal is served. I love this clean feeling and wish the flight attendants would bring a second hot wash cloth after the meal. To create your own hot wash cloth for use in cleaning up during a flight or near the conclusion of the journey, bring along a washcloth inside a plastic bag. Ask the flight attendant for half a cup of hot water and pour it into the plastic bag. Seal the bag so that you can ensure the water soaks into the entire wash cloth. Wring it out and voila! you have your own first-class cleansing cloth!

Rinse the wash cloth out in your hotel sink and use it for your return trip as well.

I know that when I feel fresher, I feel better and more alert when I get off the plane and I’m ready to get my business going or start having fun (maybe both)!

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