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Getting the Best Hotel Rates

Is the hotel rate offered as part of a convention or trade show the best rate you can get? Maybe not. About half the time, I’ve gotten rates lower than the ‘official’ rate of the convention.

Check to see if the hotel has a weekend rate (if you’re there over a weekend, obviously!), AAA or AARP rate or other special package that may be a better deal than the convention rate. Sometimes there is a better overall cost if you book two reservations … one for the days of the convention using the convention rate and another for the weekend preceding or following the event.

My motto of “ask, ask, ask” applies here, so call the hotel directly and inquire on any better deals than what’s offered by the convention sponsor.

One thing to watch for … the hotel may charge a resort fee of $20 or more per day. This may be waived as part of the convention or trade show rate but not waived on any rate you get yourself. Just ask if you’re not sure.

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