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Smelling Great on the Road

Some scent sense while on the road:

Leave your expensive bottles of perfume at home! Why take the risk that they’ll break, leak or be taken by TSA!

Ask for samples of your favorite perfumes at department store cosmetic counters or wherever your fragrances are sold. These mini-bottles of scent usually last for several trips. I carry one in my purse rather than in my suitcase where it’s never leaked or been left inside my suitcase in a hot car trunk all day.

Spray or dab cotton balls with your perfume and pack them in a small plastic bag or other tight-sealing container. Dab these on during your travels.

Use a plastic spray bottle that’s easily found in the travel-size products of drug stores, cosmetic stores or department stores. Fill up only part way … enough for a few trips but not enough to fret over if it spills.

And a gentle request from several travelers with sensitive noses … wear your perfume lightly rather than spritzing it so strong that people exit an elevator when you get in.

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