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Pet Sitter Travel Tip

Give your pet caregiver your travel information. Just like caregivers for your kids need info on how to reach you in case of an emergency, so do the folks who take care of your pets.

My daughter was pet-sitting for a neighbor’s cat and the cat died of old age while they were away. While they expected that this could happen while they were gone, we were not able to reach them to let them know that it did happen. Imagine their shock when they returned home.

Don’t let this happen to you! Leave key information with your pet caregiver: how to reach you via mobile phone and email, even hotel number. Also provide your flight info so that they know when to expect you home and any other information for them to reach you. And always leave the number to your pet’s veterinary office, including their emergency number, and their address.

Many cities also have a 24×7 emergency medical facility for pets. If such a facility is nearby, leave this phone number and address as well.

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