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Why Whole Foods Makes a Whole Lot of Sense for Travelers

When I have a refrigerator and microwave in my hotel room, I love to select my meals from Whole Foods. This store has a great selection of already-prepared items that are healthy and great tasting. If I’ll be working at a location for a few days, I’ll buy enough meals for each lunch and dinner. I’ll even do a drive-by just to run in for one meal.

My favorites at Whole Foods: Grilled salmon, rosemary chicken breasts, kale salad, grilled vegetables (lots of zucchini, peppers and onions). Their selections change each week, at least in the Whole Foods that I visit in Houston on Westheimer Rd… I also love their rotisserie chicken, and they’ll cut that up into quarters if you ask. Their salad bar is also very fresh with a wide variety of organic items. A small cup of oil and vinegar dressing and I’m all set.

Pictured here is a Greek salad topped with grilled salmon. I try to keep most of the feta cheese away, but I do like a little bit.

The cost for a typical meal of a protein (salmon or chicken) plus a vegetable is about $7.00 to $9.00, which is much less expensive than eating in a restaurant and not much more than a cheeseburger, fries and a drink at McDonald’s (and oh so much healthier).

I buy a few organic apples for morning snacks and also choose some almonds from their extensive nut selection.

A lot of shoppers actually eat lunch right at Whole Foods (assuming your local store has an eating area). So even if you may not have access to a frig or microwave, you can still eat healthy meals right at their store.

Some of their stores also have custom-made smoothies for a great start to your day.

No Whole Foods near you? Just look for a grocery store that has prepared items with healthier selections — many stores have this now. And who would’ve thought about eating out at a grocery store? It’s just not part of that “Travel is Glamorous” thing!

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