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Featured Smart Women Traveler: Jill J. Johnson

Why are you on the road and how often do you travel?

As a management consultant, I primarily travel for business. My husband and I also show dogs for fun and we enjoy taking our 4 rottweilers on the road with us to dog shows in our RV – our hotel room on wheels.

Where else do you like to visit and do you use any travel websites to help you?

Whether it is a business or personal trip, several weeks before I leave, I check my database to see who else I know in the area I am traveling to that I have not seen in a long time or who I would like to get to know better. I send an email to them to see if they can meet me during the down times I have in my schedule. I have had some amazing experiences connecting with people that I had not seen for 20 years or more because I took the time to reach out.

What are some of your travel challenges you would like to reduce?

It is so hard to eat properly on the road. I have a hard time coming up with ideas for healthy food and snacks that I can buy at the airport or bring with me that don’t take up much room.

What are some Pearls of Travel Wisdom you would like to share with other women travelers?

I don’t iron clothes at home, so why would I want to iron clothes when I am on the road?  I always travel with a small water bottle – I use the ones with a wide spray area.  Immediately upon arriving in my hotel room, I take a few minutes to put my clothes on a hanger and then lightly spray all of them with water.  When the clothes are lightly wet, I pull and tug on them so they are set to dry out straight. For any items with a really hard crease, I put a pants hanger on the bottom hem of the garment so there is some weight on the bottom of it to pull it down straight while it drys.  By doing this when I first get to a hotel, I usually have a second chance to do another light spray if I need to mist out any additional wrinkles that did not come out the first time.  I do the same trick at home when I pull clothes out of the dryer.

Even though I am an experienced Road Warrior, I still use a Trip List to help me pack. I have one for my business travel and one for when we are traveling with the dogs. When it is time to pack, I print out the version I need and take it around the house with me to check off what I need when I have it in my packing set-up area. It saves me a significant amount of time when I have a visual reminder of exactly what I need to get. My lists are detailed to include reminders to grab business cards, cell phone, update my out-of-town voicemail and change my email reply message. As a result, I never forget anything.

I travel with small refillable containers in a small travel pouch in my Go Bag. When an item is running low, I pack it in the main part of my suitcase along with my underwear rather than putting it back in the pouch. That way when I unpack my clothes at home, I see what needs to be refilled. I get it done immediately, put it back in my Go Bag and am ready to go for my next trip.

Jill J. Johnson, MBA, president & founder

Johnson Consulting Services


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Jill is an award winning consultant who has impacted over $2 billion worth of business decisions.

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