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Thumbs Up for Chef Hernandez’s Recommendation at McCormick & Schmick’s

I met a girlfriend at a downtown Houston restaurant for dinner. That’s dangerous. It always means a bottle of red wine, great food where we nibble on each other’s meals, and lots and lots of talking. So much talking that we’re one of the wait person’s first tables for the evening and one of the last.

Tonight was no different.

We started with a bottle of Menage a Trois (~ $30) for the two of us. No ménage-ing with a third on this night, we didn’t want to share. Red wine wasn’t the perfect pairing for what we were about to order, but we don’t care about things like that. We order what we like and it’s always red.

I usually order a 6 oz. filet mignon but the Chef’ recommendation sounded both healthy and wonderful. Grilled King salmon ($29.95) with high levels of omega 3’s – a very healthy meal. I wanted to swap out the potatoes for another vegetable but the waitress said I could only get another starch. The grilled potatoes sounded the healthier of the starches, so I ordered the plate as is. The salmon was wonderfully moist and perfectly grilled. I ate a few of the potato chunks and every last bit of the spinach. The Chef had a heavy hand with the garlic in the spinach and I loved every bite!

My girlfriend ordered the tilapia, lightly breaded. I had a forkful … it’s on the sweeter side compared to the salmon and is also very good. Since I prepare tilapia at home quite often, it is a menu item I never order in a restaurant and I avoid anything breaded when eating healthy. She said she really didn’t like salmon, but a bite or two of the Chef’s specialty and her mind was changed.

We were definitely part of the clean plate club on this night!

We ate, we drank, we talked – and talked some more.

We passed on the desserts. I only recall hearing about a banana crème brulee and I told the waitress to stop! I didn’t want to hear any more. I’m sure the Chef’s dessert team is wonderful, but my hips were not going to participant in dessert night.

Somehow between the hours of conversation the bottle of wine got emptied. That didn’t stop us – we kept talking. I think our waitress left long before we did. Our bill was $65ish each. This is above my typical restaurant dinner bill, but McCormick & Schmick’s is a special treat now and then when good friends get together, family celebrations or client events. The atmosphere is low lights, conversation-welcoming with no hurried service. Add this on top of excellent food and it’s a winner.

As for healthy eating … Omega 3’s from the salmon, iron from the spinach, garlic to ward off colds and other diseases, and resveratrol for my heart – this would make a doctor proud!

So McCormick & Schmick’s gets added to my Healthy Eating on the Road list. And thanks to Chef Hernandez!

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