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First Day of School

If you have school-age kids, whether it’s kindergarten or college, it’s back to school time. When it comes to mom’s guilt about being away from home for business travel, this has got to be about the worst time of year. It’s right next to the guilt days of being away on your child’s birthday.

How do you cope with business travel at these important dates?

  1. Try to work your schedule so that you can be home on the first day of school and travel the day after. Since most schools begin session on a Monday, this is more of a possibility than for schools that start mid-week. Work with your employer or client to adjust the schedule for this important day.
  2. If you can’t be home, then enjoy the school shopping with your kids prior to their start of school. Make it a fun day of shopping for new clothes and school supplies on the days that you are home.
  3. Call your kids in the morning and evening on the first few days of school. They’ll have lots to tell you, maybe be a bit anxious, and you’ll also feel better being in touch more to see how they’re adjusting to a new year.
  4. Celebrate their first week of school once you’re back at home. Whether it’s out to lunch or a special day at home, make their first days of school a full priority in your schedule.

Enjoy these back to school days with as much involvement as you can. Whether you’re able to walk your kids to the school bus on the first day or call them upon their return home, your kids will be off to a great school year start.

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