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Pre-trip Travel Health Checkup

Preparing your travel checklist for an upcoming international trip? Remember to include a pre-trip travel health checkup. Whether it’s vaccinations you need or medications to take along with you, it’s smart planning to start looking into your travel health about 6 to 8 weeks ahead of your trip.

The most authoritative site for what vaccinations, health issues abroad and more is the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Travelers’ Health resource. The CDC offers health information on more than 200 international destinations, vaccinations, diseases, ways to stay healthy and safe, links to find a local clinic, travel health warnings and more. They also have valuable content on traveling with children, traveling with special needs, traveling with pets, air and cruise travel and other topics.

Another source for finding a clinic for any vaccinations or travel medications you may need is the International Society of Travel Medicine. Select the Global Travel Clinic Locator, select the desired country, state and city, and choose whether you’re looking for clinics for pre-travel vaccinations and consultations or post-travel medical consultations, or both.

So whether your travels have you going to factories in China for your business, into the jungles of Africa for a bucket-list trip, or the beaches of Cancun for a little R&R, check out the health issues at the CDC well before your trip. Take care of you first, so that you can have safe and enjoyable travels.

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