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Fear of Flying

Studies report that 1 in 3 adults have fear of flying or anxiety in the air. Fear of baggage fees, lost luggage or in-flight credit card charges do not count! Seriously, fear of flying is a real fear that prevents many adults and kids from flying at all. I am no expert in this area, so here are a few great sources of information on how to combat this fear. offers lots of great information on What is Fear of Flying, How to Deal with Your Fear of Flying, Advice for the Infrequent Flyer and more. They also offer an podcast.

Matador Network’s post on 5 Simple Ways To Conquer Your Fear Of Flying includes a very detailed explanation from a pilot on the cause and effect of turbulence and the safest spot to sit on a plane.

I have flown millions of miles and feel safer in the air than on the road. Hopefully these sources will help any white-knuckle passengers feel more confident in the flying experience.

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