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Turn Your Words into Actions with JOTT

I love Jott! Jott helps me stay on top of everything, especially important with my busy travel schedule.

With a simple phone call to 866-JOTT-123, you can capture notes, set reminders and calendar appointments, interact with your favorite web sites and services…all with your voice! Simply call Jott (store their number in your mobile phone’s Favorites list) and tell them where you want your message to go. They capture your voice, turn it into text, and send it to the destination you chose. I primarily send my Jott notes to my cell phone as text messages (for the little reminders) and to Outlook when I need to create tasks or appointments.

It took me only a couple of minutes to set up my Jott account and call in a few messages. Very cool! Within seconds, my voice message was converted into text and displayed in my Outlook email box and also in my Jott account online. This is great for the times when you’re in the car and all your ‘to-do’s keep popping into your mind, and you have no way to write them down while you’re driving.

I also use Jott with my emails that have come into Microsoft Outlook. If there’s an important email that I want to be sure to follow up with, I’ll send a reminder to either my phone or my email (or both) for the date and time that I want to be reminded.

You can try JOTT Voicemail free for a week, then review their options to continue Jotting. For me, it’s a price worth paying to keep on top of the many aspects of my life.

There are Jott apps for your iPhones or Blackberry. Jott also links to an amazing number of services (Twitter, Facebook, Google Calendar, WordPress, Remember the Milk and more).

UPDATE: As of May 3rd, 2011 Jott will no longer be in service.

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