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Why you want to pack baby powder in your bag

I always have a small container of baby or talcum powder in my luggage. The majority of the time, I’m using it to feel silkier and dryer after a shower or before I’m heading outside in the heat. Here are a couple of other great uses for baby powder:

End up with a greasy spot on the front of your blouse after eating out at a restaurant? Try this solution: Lay the garment flat, stain facing up. Dab the stain with a little water. Shake a generous amount of baby powder on it and pat it down. Let it dry and then shake off the powder. If it still looks greasy, pour more on and wait. Later, when you’re back at home, launder as usual.

Be more comfortable in your shoes! Sprinkle baby powder into your shoes, or right onto your toes. It’ll help keep your feet dry and smelling nice, and it will prevent your shoes from sticking to your feet.

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