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Easy, Peasy Airline Status Info

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is which airline info website I use. My answer has been for the past few years. My favorite feature of FlightStats is the alerts that can be set up, which I use for sending alerts to my spouse and/or driver.

Here’s an even easier way to get to FlightStats that’s so easy you don’t even need to remember the name of Flightstats. Just enter your flight number in a Google search window and it automagically comes up with Flightstats!

Click on the Flightstats link and you’ll go directly to their page where more information about the flight is shown.

Not only are the departure and arrival details easily viewable, but so are related items such as terminal and gate, airport delays, weather, and more.

For easy entry in the Google search window, enter your airline’s name (Continental in my example) or their code (CO). Either will work.

Since Google is the primary search tool for so many of us, this is an easy, peasy way of finding your airline status without knowing any of the airline info websites.

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