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What Is It You REALLY Love About Travel?

Most of us lean one way or the other … we love travel or we hate it. Rarely do you hear someone say that travel is ‘just ok’ or ‘so-so.’ Listen to seatmates behind us in line at the airport or on a flight and it’s grumble, grumble, grumble. Read the travel news and it’s one more fee after another that we have no choice but to endure if we want to fly or stay at a hotel. Beyond the crowded flights, TSA rules and lonely hotel rooms, there has to be something that you really love above travel (whether you want to admit it or not). How can you experience more of what you love?

Is it the location that matters? Or is it how that location makes you feel? Is it the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip or the feeling of taking a bolder stance with life? The beautiful old castles of Scotland or the sense of finding and exploring your history to know where you’ve come from? The beauty of the Greek Isles or the feeling of calm and peace that it brings as you go through the day?

When I got to thinking about my favorite part of travel, it wasn’t a specific location but a specific feeling.

I love sitting at an outdoor café;
beautiful spring-time weather,
flowers in bloom,
a mountain or a body of water in sight,
a tall cup of coffee or a glass of red wine,
lots of interesting people and storefronts nearby,
and ideally my family or friends around me.

When I realized that these are the things that come to mind when I recall my travels, I realized that it doesn’t so much matter where I go. I can experience these feelings almost anywhere, and I have. From my outdoor patio in Orlando to a pontoon boat ride in Arkansas to lunch overlooking the Mediterranean Sea … I experience the same feeling of joy even though these are very different locations.

Now knowing what truly excites me about travel, I can incorporate these pieces even into my business travel or my days at home.

Just think –

How would a business traveler’s day change if just a small amount of time was dedicated to include favorite aspects of travel?

How would a person whose next vacation is months and months away endure that time with more enjoyment?

The answer becomes more obvious when you’re in touch with what travel really means to you.

Whether you’re reading this in-flight as you’re catching up on emails, in your hotel room, somewhere near or far, take a few minutes to reflect on your favorite travels. What’s common amongst these memories? How do you feel as you’re taking yourself back to these great places? You’ll get much better insight on what travel means to you and you’ll be surprised to recognize simple ways to integrate more of these great feelings into your travel.

I’d love to hear your travel insights … and the what you love about travel, not the where. There’s a spot on the Smart Women Traveler’s Community page that’s just waiting to hear from you!

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